Challanges and Oppurtunities for Next Generation Manufacturing

Speaker Sessions
Academic Areas Entrepreneurship
August 18, 2016 | 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM | Thursday
For ISB Community
A panel discussion on ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Next Generation Manufacturing’ was held as part of MPMO curriculumon 18th Aug,2016. The panelists were:

  1. Mr.  Pankaj Dubey Managing Director & Country Head, Polaris India Private Limited
  2. Mrs. Sowmya Chaturvedi,  Operation Excellence leader, Cummins India
  3. Mr. Atul Gupta, Co-founder, RedAlchemi
  4. Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management, Torero Group
  5. Moderator – Col Rajiv Bhargava
The panel discussed the entire gamut of next generation manufacturing with special emphasis on ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Artificial inteligence’ and ‘Robotics’. The impact of advanced  technology  on supply chains of the future was also discussed. Lasted for over two hours and the session had animated discussion with good participation by the class.