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Srinivas Pulavarti, President and Chief Investment Officer, UCLA Endowment and Investment CompanyMr. Pulavarti, a veteran endowment and investment management executive, serves as president and chief investment officer of the UCLA Investment Company, which manages approximately $2 billion in assets for The UCLA Foundation.
Previously, Mr. Pulavarti served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Spider Management Company, which as of July 2012 managed $1.9 billion for the University of Richmond in Virginia and $1.1 billion for 23 other entities, for a total pool of approximately $3 billion. Under Mr. Pulavarti’s leadership, the Spider endowment was consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best-performing among universities.
Mr. Pulavarti has also served as Director of global investment strategy for Citigroup Pension Investments; Director of investments for Johns Hopkins University; Investment manager for Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company, and Senior analyst of fixed income and sovereign debt for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Srini has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics and a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics.
July 21, 2014 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM | Monday
AC2 MLT, ISB Campus, Hyderabad, India
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