Talk and Book Launch of Personalized Digital Advertising

Speaker Sessions
Academic Areas Information Systems, Marketing
August 14, 2015 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Friday
Open to Public
Post Event Summary Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO of Jivox Software India ltd., launched his recently written book titled book "Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market'" at the Indian School of Business.
He spoke about the key drivers of many venturing into the field of personalized digital advertising and how impactful it can be to drive advertising efforts across the multi-screen format.
Diaz began with an insightful detail about personalization in advertising today. While it can be difficult to implement and target across the various consumer segments, he was clear in highlighting its benefits with illustrations of Amazon and Netflix who have successfully integrated this into their campaigns.
The availability of Big Data which are granular, updated in real time and precise have made these challenges more achievable and Mr. Diaz suggested that this is why everybody is moving towards this format. Moreover, technology developed provides more economic efficiency to be present on more platforms at scale. Performance is a challenge that is continuously monitored across limited formats so as understand how to improve view-ability within quality limits.
Further he elaborated on the sources of data which help Jivox so efficiently target the myriad of customers across these multi-screen formats. Primary sources include first party, third party and demographic data.
The main components of the personalization technology that Jivox uses are the Customer Management System, the Ad server, Studio and the Data engine which work together in creating typically 3000 versions of an ad which are then targeted and re-targeted to the requisite audience profiles, tracked by the data engines, via path breaking algorithms.
To conclude, Diaz highlighted the need of optimization of these techniques and brand measurement metrics that should be used to measure and deliver performance. Thanks to  Diaz, the simplicity of his ideas blended with the vigour of technical excellence, surely left the audience with more than brilliant takeaways.