Student Engagements
October 14-15, 2017 | Saturday
Open to Public
Advaita 2017

History: Kicking off in 2013 with just 5 events, Advaita witnessed enthusiastic participation from top B-Schools, and has since grown in leaps and bounds to accommodate over 10 events and 3500+ participants from 40+ top management schools across the world. The prodigious mix of events spanning across contemporary business problems from a diverse spectrum of industries, coupled with attractive rewards in the form of both cash prizes and PPIs, have ensured that Advaita 2017 was a benchmark-setting fest that the new edition strives to beat.

Advaita 2017 was a huge success with overwhelming participation of more than 3,500 teams from all over the world. Advaita 2018, now in its 6th year, aims to achieve the vision to converge ideas on managing businesses and solving business problems, thus the theme “Transforming businesses” coherently speaks of the ways to add new propositions, by providing a platform for exchange of ideas.