Business Modeling for IoT

Academic Areas Information Systems
July 22-23, 2016 | Friday
Contact: Arun Kumar,,
For ISB Community
Workshop – Business Modeling for IoT - By Nihal Kashinath, Alumni – Class of 2009 and Founder, IoTBLR
To explore various business models for Internet of Things(IoT), their features, applicability to different IoT usecases, and any challenges in implementation.
The Programme will involve an introductory talk on IoT to set the context for the workshop, including a quick overview of some popular business models currently being used. This is followed by 6-8 working groups (of 3-5 people each)taking up specific IoT usecases (smart home devices, utilities in a smart city, industry automation, health tech for hospitals, etc) and diving deep into the mechanics of different business models (such as value proposition, customers, revenue generation, profitability) that are suitable to those usecases. Finally, the working groups will present their analyses to the rest of the class for discussion and enhancement/fine –tuning.
Hyderabad – 22nd JulySessionsMohali – 23rd July
Start  TimeEnd TimeStart  TimeEnd Time
10:00 am10: 10 amSRITNE Introduction03:00 pm03 10 pm
10:10 am11: 00 amIntroductory talk03:10 pm04: 00 pm
11: 00 am11: 15 amBreak04: 00 pm04: 15 pm
11: 15 am12: 00 pmGroup working  sessions04: 15 pm05: 00 pm
12: 00 pm01: 15 pmPresentations and discussions (10 min per team)05: 00 pm06: 15 pm
01: 15 pm02: 00 pmAbstraction, key takeaways and conclusion06: 15 pm07: 00 pm
By the end of the workshop, participants will have a working knowledge of different business models for IoT and some insights into selecting the right model(s) for a particular usecase. We may also document key takeaways as a framework for model selection in a white paper.