Post Doctoral Programme

The Business Research Fellowship Programme (BRFP) is in keeping with ISB’s mission to create a high quality research driven business school.

This Post Doctoral research programme focuses on the issues faced by businesses - small or large, public or private in developing and developed countries. The research often draws from theories and concepts from different areas, making it relevant for both academicians and practitioners in various business disciplines.

Fellows pursuing the BRFP will conduct academic research jointly with a resident faculty member in their area of interest. Hailing from institutes in India and from abroad, the Fellows come with a diverse set of PhD backgrounds including those grounded in the basic disciplines. While some join immediately upon completion of their PhDs, others come to ISB with some work experience. The Fellows add significantly to the academic vibrancy of the School through their own research, by working jointly with faculty members on research, by presenting seminars, and by aiding in teaching.