Books and Monographs

The faculty at the School has been actively disseminating research and knowledge to a larger audience through books and book monographs.

ISB’s faculty have published around 60 books in the scholarly, non-scholarly and textbook categories. Some of these works have featured in bestseller lists, such as “Grit, Guts, and Gumption” by Professor Rajesh Chakrabarti and the highly acclaimed textbook on statistics by Professor Galit Shmueli titled “Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel.” 

Books and MonographsH. Thomas,. "Managing in a VUCA world", Singapore, McGraw-Hill Education, Forthcoming
Books and MonographsSeshadri, DVR., Swati Sisodia. "Nurturing Global Leaders of Tomorrow : An Inclusive Learning Model (SKMSVM) Shows the Way", HYDERABAD, 2017
Books and MonographsSubramanian, Krishnamurthy., Acharya, Viral. "State intervention in banking: the relative health of Indian public sector and private sector banks", USA, Springer, 2016
Books and MonographsSrivastava, Rajendra K., SR Nathan. "Economic History of Singapore", Singapore at 50 , Forthcoming
Books and MonographsSrivastava, Rajendra K., Gregory Metz Thomas. "Future of Branding", Sage Publishing, Forthcoming
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