Working Papers

Working PapersVishwanthan, Anierudh.,Bang, Nupur Pavan., Ramachandran, Kavil. "Parenting among Business Groups: An Emerging Market’s Perspective"Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Abstract >Close >Emerging markets witness a significant overlap between social communities, families and business activities. This paper attempts to decipher a source of heterogeneity, which is business group affiliation among family firms. This paper details the reasons why business group affiliation is beneficial in an emerging market by employing the concept of parenting to reconcile the potential deficiencies of business group affiliation pointed out by various strategy scholars. We use two proxies to measure the extent of parenting namely, firm leadership by a family member and promoting family’s shareholding in the group affiliate company. The study has been conducted in the Indian economic context using a dataset consisting of 3,728 listed companies. Results show that superior parenting realized by professional firm leadership and higher promoter shareholding leads to superior financial performance among family business group firms.

Working PapersAgarwal, Sumit., Mani, Deepa. "Do Rideshares Clog Streets? Evidence from Delhi"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersNandkumar, Anand., Mani, Deepa., Saharsh Agarwal. "The Growing Dominance of ICT Inventors in Production of Impactful Knowledge"Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked EconomyRead Abstract >Close >This study uses data on about 1.5 million U.S. patents granted between 1981 and 2006 to demonstrate that inventors, whose experience is grounded in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), increasingly dominate the production of knowledge across diverse industries and technology classes. On average, the percentage of “ICT inventors” affiliated with a patent has grown steadily each year and more than quadrupled from 8% in 1981 to 34% in 2006. Patents with greater percentage of ICT inventors are also more likely to be breakthrough inventions, general-purpose and highly cited. These dimensions of patent quality vary with the percentage of ICT inventors on the patent. Relative access to technology talent across different geographies in the U.S. introduces exogenous variation in the percentage of ICT inventors affiliated with the sample patents, underscoring the importance of acquisition of technology talent to competitiveness in modern innovation and new product development.

Working PapersChowdhry, Bhagwan. "Hedging Corporate Cash Flow Risk"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Patia McGrath. "A matter of mix and intensity: Exploring the relationship between deal diversity and firm age"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Luis Rios.,, Patia McGrath. "Deal diversity and navigating the merger wave"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Atul Nerkar. "Drug hunters: who are they and where do they come from?"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Patia McGrath.,, Travis Howell.,, Christopher Bingham. "Focusing on focus: Reviewing, synthesizing and advancing the concept of firm focus in strategic management"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Isin Guler.,, Atul Nerkar. "From Problem-focused inventions to new products"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersJena, Deepak., , Prashant Kale.,, Jaeyong Song.,, Atul Nerkar. "Intellectual property rights and co-promotion alliances in the pharmaceutical industry"Read Abstract >Close >
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