Shilpa Aggarwal

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Indian School of Business

Hyderabad - 500 032, India


shilpa_aggarwal at isb dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


Grain Today, Gain Tomorrow: Evidence from a Storage Experiment with Savings Clubs in Kenya (with Eilin Francis and Jonathan Robinson)
Journal of Development Economics 134 (2018): 1-15

Do Rural Roads Create Pathways out of Poverty? Evidence from India
Journal of Development Economics 133 (2018): 375-395

Works in Progress

Minimum Support Prices in Indian Agriculture: Supporting Whom and at What Price? (with Natasha Jha)

Evaluating the Effect of High-Frequency Surveying: Evidence from Malawi (with Valentina Brailovskaya and Jonathan Robinson)

Book Chapters and Other Papers

Financing Businesses in Africa: The Role of Microfinance (with Leora Klapper and Dorothe Singer), Chapter 9 in Microfinance in Developing and Developed Countries: Issues, Policies and Performance Evaluation, Jean-Pierre Gueyie, Ronny Manos and Jacob Yaron, eds., Published by Palgrave Macmillan 2013

Designing Government Policies to Expand Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Around the World (with Leora Klapper)