Shilpa Aggarwal

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Indian School of Business

Hyderabad - 500 032, India


shilpa_aggarwal at isb dot edu

Curriculum Vitae


Cashing In (and Out): Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Mobile Money in Malawi (with Valentina Brailovskaya and Jonathan Robinson)
Forthcoming, AEA Papers and Proceedings 2020
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Survey and Training Modules

Grain Today, Gain Tomorrow: Evidence from a Storage Experiment with Savings Clubs in Kenya (with Eilin Francis and Jonathan Robinson)
Journal of Development Economics 134 (2018): 1-15

Do Rural Roads Create Pathways out of Poverty? Evidence from India
Journal of Development Economics 133 (2018): 375-395

Works in Progress

Minimum Support Prices in Indian Agriculture: Supporting Whom and at What Price? (with Natasha Jha)

Evaluating the Effect of High-Frequency Surveying: Evidence from Malawi (with Valentina Brailovskaya and Jonathan Robinson)

The Effect of Cash Transfers and Market Access on Households in Rural Liberia and Malawi (with Jenny Aker, Dahyeon Jeong, Naresh Kumar, David Park, Jonathan Robinson, and Alan Spearot)

Book Chapters and Other Papers

Financing Businesses in Africa: The Role of Microfinance (with Leora Klapper and Dorothe Singer), Chapter 9 in Microfinance in Developing and Developed Countries: Issues, Policies and Performance Evaluation, Jean-Pierre Gueyie, Ronny Manos and Jacob Yaron, eds., Published by Palgrave Macmillan 2013

Designing Government Policies to Expand Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Around the World (with Leora Klapper)