GARP | August 30, 2019 Social Media Analytics and Its Place in Management EducationIn this article, the authors stress on the need for Business schools to teach the power of the technology and also stress upon its ethical application Know More
Economic Times Prime | August 29, 2019 Was Indigo's AGM Stage - Managed?Shareholders Fawn Over Rahul Bhatia:Absent Gangwal gets the Raps Ramachandran, KavilThe article discusses how the annual shareholders' meeting of Indigo Airlines was marred due to differences between the co-founders
Economist | August 28, 2019 Transforming the Tech EcosystemRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the transforming technology ecosystems across the world
The Telegraph | August 26, 2019 Turnaround tales at IIT(ISM)Nupur advises students to discuss their confusion over career and personal issue with family members mentors and friends at a workshop at an event organised by IIT(ISM)ALSO FEATURED IN Turnaround tales at IIT(ISM)
The Economic Times | August 18, 2019 Gautam Singhania's strategy to maintain Raymond's growth trajectoryRamachandran, KavilThe article discusses the professionalisation and growth journey of Raymond Limited
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