Business Standard | June 28, 2018 Promoting Good GovernanceRamachandran, KavilArticle discusses about promoting good governance and the need to look at governance practices afresh 
Economic Times and India Finance News | June 26, 2018 Women Directors at Family Firms Face Competence Versus Kinship Challenge Ramachandran, KavilReport discusses about Standalone family firms (SFF) having a higher proportion of women directors compared with the family business group affiliated firmsALSO FEATURED IN Women directors at family firms face ‘competence versus kinship’ challenge
Business Standard | June 18, 2018 Don't Threaten Independent DirectorsRamachandran, KavilArticle emphasizes the need to give freedom to Independent directors
Business Today | June 17, 2018 Business Beyond WealthThe article talks about the rise of family offices and how it is redefining the rich and famous Indian business leaders manage personal wealth and other family matters
ANALYTICS INDIA MAGAZINE | May 19, 2018 General Data Protection Regulation: What will happen to all the Micro Level Analytics?The article lists the concerns related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is coming into full effect from May 25, 2018
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