Advancing the knowledge and practise of family business


The Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at the ISB conducts and promotes cutting-edge research in the growing field of family business. Despite their significant contribution to the Indian economy, family businesses remain a largely unexplored area of research. The esteemed faculty of the Centre and the Research staff are contributing to the body of knowledge in this field through individual research and academic collaborations. 

'The major research themes for creating and enhancing knowledge in the field include Governance, Professionalization and Strategy. Within these three themes, the areas of research are given below :
  • Best practices  of family enterprise governance & Institutionalisation
  • Leadership in family enterprises
  • Professionalization of growing family enterprises
  • Strengthening family level governance
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in family business
  • Social Networking
  • Business Communities of India
  • Family enterprises in a changing society
  • Family Philanthropy, Sustainability and Business Families
  • Trends, patterns  and challenges in wealth management
  • Annual survey of family enterprises on status,  perceptions, contributions and anxieties