Books and MonographsSharma, Pramodita.,Sieger, Philipp.,Nason, Robert S.,Gonzalez, Ana Cristina., Ramachandran, Kavil. "Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: The Role of Resources and Capabilities", Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2013Read Description >Close >Transgenerational entrepreneurship, as a discipline, examines the processes, resources and capabilities that allow family enterprises to create social and economic value over time in order to succeed beyond the first generation of business owners. While tangible resources such as financial and physical capital are certainly important factors in the long-term success of a family-run business, this book focuses specifically on the role of intangible resources and capabilities, which are less easily quantifiable but equally vital. Drawing insights from in-depth longitudinal studies of twenty-six family firms in twelve countries, the contributors discuss the critical role of intangible assets such as values, virtues, tacit knowledge and learning, professionalization, internal and external social networks, and reputation. Each chapter includes both a case study that serves as a practical illustration of a particular topic as well as a discussion of the theoretical perspectives and broader implications. Featuring both contributors and case studies from across the world, this volume provides a truly global approach to the study of transgenerational entrepreneurship. Professors and students of business and management, entrepreneurship and family business studies will find this book a fascinating addition to their libraries, as will family business owners, consultants and researchers.

Books and MonographsRamachandran, Kavil. "Entrepreneurial Case Analysis - Vimta Labs - Book chapter in, Entrepreneurship: a South Asian Perspective, (Editors - Kuratko DF and Rao TV )", Cengage Learning India Pvt Ltd, 2012
Books and MonographsAu, Kevin.,Craig, Justin B., Ramachandran, Kavil. "Family Enterprise in the Asia Pacific: Exploring Transgenerational Entrepreneurship in Family Firms", Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011Read Description >Close >This book analyzes the findings reported in the first Asia Pacific summit of the Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) project. Researchers in Australia, China, and India discussed eleven in-depth case studies to shed light on the challenges that business families and family businesses faced in continuing and extending their entrepreneurial capabilities across multiple generations. Based on a common research framework from STEP, each chapter introduces key findings and challenges existing theory, offering answers to two broad questions in the Asia Pacific context: How do business families and family businesses generate and sustain entrepreneurial performance across generations and how does entrepreneurial performance relate to the continuity, growth and transgenerational entrepreneurship of business families and family businesses? In doing so, the authors look at key issues faced by family business including dealing with communication issues across generations, resolving conflict between siblings, preparing and luring younger generations back to family business, and professionalization of business. The chapters go beyond the succession and governance challenges and explore the processes and outcomes of entrepreneurship in the Austral–Asian family context.

Books and MonographsRamachandran, Kavil. "The Shakti Group: Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit alive in the Second Generation", Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011Read Description >Close >This chapter chronicles the entrepreneurial journey and growth challenges of the Hyderabad based Shakti group. Managing business diversification and entry of the second generation in a mid-sized family business are some crucial aspects that this chapter highlights. The case aptly captures how family conflicts and differences can be hazardous for business growth. Suggestions provided for developing family governance mechanisms serve as a template for other family businesses.

Books and MonographsRamachandran, Kavil., Rachna, Ward, John.,Waiker, Sachin. "GMR Group - A case of Serial Entreprenuership", Edwar Ed Elgar Publishing, 2011Read Description >Close >This chapter details the growth of the Bangalore based GMR group that is a major infrastructure business in South India. The chapter describes the deep family involvement in not only managing the business but also in establishing new standards in family governance. The founder's efforts in developing role clarity and evolving the business into a professionally managed business are described at length. The chapter describes the entrepreneurial culture of the group that spans across multiple generations and how the group even converted failures into opportunities.

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