Academic Associate Awards

Academic Associates work relentlessly behind the scenes throughout the year to make the academic experience fruitful and these awards recognise their contributions. The awards are decided by students through a process of preferential nominations as a percentage of total students in the classes supported by the associates.
PGP Hyderabad Campus

Academic Associates chosen by students of PGP Class of 2015

  • Vandith P S R has been awarded the Academic Associate of the Year 2015 by the PGP Class of 2015. One of the students congratulating him said, “Very organised, always approachable and available.”
  • Apoorv Gogar – A member of the student community extoling him said, “Very helpful in discussing assignment related questions. Very helpful and understands students problem. Approachable. Apoorv is extremely helpful and diligent in responding to queries. Theoretically very sound. Always ready to help out. Apoorv, one happy person who is always there to help you out and doesn't ever show any hesitation!”
  • Harika Buddhavarapu – “Harika put in the effort of knowing every student personally and was very helpful and also dedicated at her work! Kudos! Just the perfect TA. Understands the student's mind-set well. Knows the subject well. Ever ready to help, ever smiling and actually has an idea of what's happening. Super prompt with getting back. For sharing actionable feedback, for guidance and support,” said one his students.
  • Harish Ramadurgam – A representative of the students said, “Harish is by far the most helpful TA that I have ever come across. Very helpful for resolving queries! Very jovial person, always willing to help. Approachable, Subject Matter Knowledge, Overall Course Management. No hassles, amazing help.”
  • Yashaswini Mulagund – “Extremely diligent and hardworking, always solves queries patiently. Accurate and fair means of marking CP points. Extremely accurate in rating people and clarity with which information goes to prof! She managed very demanding courses like CSTR and CDMA. She is very helpful and very elaborate in her evaluations which help us learn better. Responsive to emails with questions regarding the course,” said one student welcoming the announcement.  
PGP Mohali Campus

Academic Associates chosen by students of PGP Class of 2015

  • Ravi Khandelwal is awarded Academic Associate of the Year 2014-15. One of his students said lauding his efforts, “Very helpful and enthusiastic. Very efficient in his work and genuinely takes interests in students' problems. His help in tough subjects, especially DMOP, was invaluable.”
  • Pragati  Singh – One congratulated her by saying, “Pragati is very responsive and proactive. She always takes into account students’ interests above others’.”
  • Yedu Rajeev –  A student welcomed the announcement by saying, “Yedu understands student grievances really well. Very approachable and helpful and he never shied away from explaining concepts.”

Academic Associates chosen by students of PGPMAX Class of 2014

  • Abhishek Asthana
  • Prasad TMV

Academic Associate chosen by students of MFAB Founding Class

  • Preeti Singh