PGP at ISB - A defining year, for the spouse too!

It is a great college for students and it's such a rare thing that it is giving so much scope for spouses to showcase their talent. Through the several events that were organised our children also got an opportunity to actively participate and develop themselves. We all felt so much at home.'  
Little did Amita know what the future held for her before she came to the Indian School of Business (ISB), towing behind her husband, Rohit, who had just been admitted to the prestigious one-year Post Graduate Programme (PGP), in management.
Her dream of taking up a job as a teacher and crafting an identity for herself appeared to be shattered. How would she keep herself occupied other than tending to Archit, their four year old son, she worried. How would she keep Archit busy? Rohit would be away in the class most of the time. The PGP, she had heard, is grueling and extremely demanding on the students leaving them little time for family and friends.
But to her surprise she ended up being more occupied than Rohit. With her husband busy preparing for a new career, Amita discovered the ISB campus was the hub of activities and she revelled engaging in events like Idea Bazaar, Bandhan, Kid’s Carnivals and what not. The spate of events gave her the opportunity to strike out a path for herself providing her the chance to develop her own individuality and showcase her talent.
By and by she discovered her worries for Archit were unfounded as he went on to enjoy the campus much more than his parents imagined. She was particularly satisfied to see her son evolve into a smarter and an actively participating child who never got bored. So much so, she now wants Rohit to enroll in ISB PhD programme so that she can continue to be on the campus, Amita blurts out expressing her heartbreak for having to leave ISB with her husband passing out.