Submission Guidelines

Business Plan

General Guidelines:

  • The project must create significant social impact
  • The benefits/ impact need to be measurable
  • There must be a logical model for assessing social impact
  • Team must be an integral part of implementation
  • The business proposal must clearly detail: the problem, proposed solution and implementation plan ; do not write a concept paper
  • A demonstrable pilot, prototype or test phase will be an advantage
  • Submit your plans on the upload link -
  • Last date for submission of full business plan is January 5, 2014 


  • A valid GSVC entry must be in the following format: Executive Summary and Detailed Business Plan
  • All entries must be only in Word format.
  • Formatting guidelines: Times New Roman, 12 point, 1" margins all around, A-4 page

Cover Page

  • Should mention Name of the team
  • Name, phone number and email addresses of all team members
  • University affiliation of the current (or recently graduated) Master’s student
  • Download Cover Page

Executive Summary

  • Team must submit a separate Executive Summary document which should not exceed 4 pages plus 1 Cover page (format attached above)
  • The submission file should be named as: Project Name_ExecutiveSummary_School (eg: Pathfinder_ExecutiveSummary_ISB)
  • Convert all financial numbers to USD and use metric number system

Detailed Business Plan
  • A separate Detailed Business Plan document must be submitted that should not exceed 20 pages plus 4 pages of Appendices and 1 Cover Page (format attached above)
  • Convert all financial numbers to USD and use metric number system
  • Bring all the excel sheets into the word document
  • Business Plan must have a Table of contents & Page numbers
  • The submission file should be named as: Project Name_BusinessPlan_School (eg: Pathfinder_BusinessPlan_ISB)

Executive Summary (4 pages maximum plus 1 Cover page)

  • Business idea or concept
  • Social mission
  • The target market and size
  • The target customers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Barriers to entry
  • Quantified social impact
  • Revenues and net income for 3 yrs
  • Funding requirements

Detailed Business Plan (20 pages plus 4 pages of Appendices and 1 Cover Page)
Business Overview

  • Company description and business model
  • Value proposition- financial
  • Value proposition- social or environmental
  • Vision
  • Current status
  • Current or committed funding and all funding sources

The Market Opportunity

  • Define the problem, describe the pain
  • Why is the solution such a great idea?
  • Competitive analysis (how the problem is not being solved by competitors)

Market Solution

  • Product or service
  • Description of a working model or prototype, if appropriate
  • How you will remove the pain, solve the problem
  • Ability to create barriers to entry

The Market

  • Identification of customer(s)
  • Market size, analysis and forecast
  • Industry analysis and forecast

Management Team

  • Founders and key management
  • Industry experience, education
  • Board of advisors (Critical-- it can augment team experience if needed)
  • Optional: Board of directors
  • A statement describing level of involvement of MBA student

Financial Analysis

  • Outline overall financial model with detailed projections through Year 3 including pro forma cash flow and budget analysis
  • Other analysis, as appropriate (i.e. break even analysis)
  • Discuss assumptions and capital requirements

Social / environmental impact analysis