• The project must create significant social impact
  • The benefits/ impact need to be measurable
  • There must be a logical model for assessing social impact
  • Team must be an integral part of implementation
  • Submit your plans on the upload link -
  • Last date for submission of full business plan is December 5,2014

First Round

To enter the 2015 Global Social Venture Competition, teams must submit the following FOUR deliverables by December 5th, at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The guidelines for each deliverable are described below.  Teams are invited, but not required, to use the templates provided.


  • Executive Summary (1 page)
  • Concept Deck (6 slides)
  • Customer Interview Summary Summary of 10+ Stakeholder Interviews
  • Team Bios

1. Executive Summary

  • Submit an executive summary using the following headings:
    • Social Venture Overview
    • Opportunity
    • Stakeholders
    • Market
    • Solution
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Impact
    • Financial Model
    • Team
    • Next Steps
  • Include an overview of your 5-year financial projections.
  • The executive summary should align with your concept deck.  Refer to the prompts in the concept deck template for further guidance.
  • The executive summary should be one page, single-spaced, 0.75 inch margins, and minimum 11-point font.

Template: Executive Summary Template


2. Customer Interview Summary

  • Understand the opportunity and test your concept by interviewing at least 10 existing or potential stakeholders, including customers, partners, and industry experts.  Insights from these interviews will play a key role in helping judges evaluate your business opportunity.  Please summarize your interviews in a 1-page document that includes a list of individuals interviewed (name, role, organization) with a direct quote from each.
  • The customer interview summary should be one page, single-spaced, 0.75 inch margins, and minimum 11-point font.

Template: Customer_Interview_Template


3. Team Bios

  • Submit an overview of your team.  For each member, list his/her current role and provide a brief bio that highlights relevant experience, skills, and expertise.  Provide the same set of information for any advisors your team has recruited.  Include LinkedIn profiles where possible.
  • The team bio page should be one page, single-spaced, 0.75 inch margins, and minimum 11-point font. The team bio page should be converted in a zip file and submitted 

Template: Team Bio Template


4. Initial Concept Deck

  • Submit a presentation deck that contains six slides in the following order:
    • Social Venture Overview
    • Opportunity
    • Solution
    • Impact
    • Team
    • Next Steps
  • The template is intended to serve as a guide.  Each slide contains a set of optional prompts and tips to help teams present their work.
  • Teams are encouraged to incorporate logos, graphics, and images that convey the personality and brand of their venture.
  • Use a 14-point font minimum.

Template: Initial Concept Deck


Formatting Requirements for Deliverables:

  • Deliverables 1-3 should be grouped together in Adobe PDF file format (preferred) or Microsoft Word compatible text documents with the following file name: “TeamName_GSVC2015_Round1″
  • Submit the concept deck (PowerPoint preferred) as a separate document.  Include team name in the file path for each document.
  • The team name should appear on each page of each deliverable.
  • Text pages should be single-sided and single-spaced with 11-point font minimum and 0.75 inch margins.
  • Presentation deck should use 14-point font minimum.


For further Information: