Team - Hyderabad
Abeera Sharma
President Abeera is a science & healthcare major with a PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry with an emphasis on Nanoscience (UMSL, STL). She has 4 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug development at Dr Reddy’s Lab along with 1 year in pharma consulting at Accenture. She was involved in product development for complex generics facilitating key products while utilizing technical expertise for FDA responses. She plans to use her business skills along with technical acumen for a techno-managerial role in the healthcare sector. 
Aayushman Srivastava
Vice President

Aayushman is a Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineer from IIT Kharagpur with a micro-specialization in Biomedical Instrumentation. After college, he worked with Axis Bank as a Digital Risk Manager and managed operational risk for digital products & payment systems.  He believes that the healthcare industry has a tremendous potential for growth in the years to follow. He wishes to ride this wave of change and work towards developing Healthcare in India. 

Kunnal Sharma
Alumni Affairs Coordinator Kunnal has worked with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories for 2 years. His role encompassed product selection (for pipeline development) as well as formulating technical development strategy for upcoming projects (oral solid dosage forms). He holds a Masters in Pharmacy from NIPER Mohali, and Bachelors in Pharmacy from Panjab University, Chandigarh. His penchant for engaging with alumni and learning from their experience motivates him for his role as the Alumni Affairs Coordinator.
Aparna Orungaty Das
Careers Coordinator, Healthcare Club Aparna holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from University of Massachusetts and Masters in Biological Sciences from Indian Institute of Science. She has 3 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Consulting where she provided strategic direction to many top Pharma and Healthcare companies for market entry, growth, pricing, market assessment and partner selection. She has also worked as a Scientist at Reliance where she optimized production of biofuel from algae.
Sameera Ali
Events Coordinator Sameera has 13 years of clinical experience as a Dental Surgeon in Mumbai- both as a private practitioner and as a hospital consultant. She has worked on projects including biomedical waste management and oral cancer prevention with the Indian Dental Association. Given her passion for education, she co-founded an NGO for street children in 2006. Sameera’s ultimate ambition is to help create universal healthcare access.
Vineet Nair
Marketing & Communications Coordinator Vineet is a medical doctor who was researching Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a disease affecting both lungs and heart at the University of Arizona. He has over 3 plus years of experience of working both in India and the USA across clinical and investigative medicine. He plans to explore opportunities to redraw the landscape of health-care in India and strategize a partnership among stakeholders to come up with a game-changing solution. During downtime, Vineet likes to travel, read, and explore different cuisines.
Team - Mohali
Srijan Ashok

Srijan Ashok has close to 4 years of experience working in Semiconductor B2B sales with Texas Instruments. During his stint with Texas Instruments, he worked with multiple client accounts from diverse sectors such as Medical, Defence, Space, Clean energy, etc. in different geographies within India. An Electrical engineer by education from RV college of Engineering, he aspires to work in the Medical Devices industry post ISB.

Ankur Gupta
Events Coordinator

Ankur has 7 years of experience in Biotechnology/Healthcare Industry spanning the roles in Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Stakeholders Management, Entrepreneurial Support, Networking Platforms, and Marketing. Prior to ISB, Ankur has worked for the Government's funding agency and has been instrumental in bringing cutting-edge innovations to the healthcare set-up. He has also worked in a Product Management role in the Blood Transfusion Industry. Ankur is a Management Graduate and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

Vidur Malhotra
Learning & Development Coordinator

Vidur Malhotra is an engineer with a passion for science and technology. He has over 4 years’ experience in engineering design and has design patents for medical devices in Cipla’s portfolio. Prior to ISB he worked at Cipla’s New Ventures division helping evaluate disruptive new growth opportunities.


Shivani Srivastava
Alumni Affairs Coordinator
Shivani has over 7 years of experience in advanced analytics and consulting techniques across Pharmaceutical, Retail and CPG domains in US, Japan and Australia geographies. She was a part of the India leadership team at Mu Sigma where she enabled clients across industries make data-driven decisions. She is passionate about analytics, grooming people and building teams from scratch. A biotechnology engineer by background, she wants to run her own startup in the public health domain in the long term.  
Midushi Jaiswal
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Midushi has 2 years of experience in tax consulting - transfer pricing with BSR & Co. LLP (an entity firm of KPMG India) and has worked on clients spanning various industries such as IT, tourism, manufacturing, logistics, eCommerce etc. Midushi is a B.A. Economics (Hons.) graduate from the University of Durham, UK.