Programme Takeaways

Key Learning Takeaways

  • Envisioning the future and developing strategic plans
  • Understanding multiple disciplines and their linkages
  • Understanding outcomes at different levels – financial, process, patients
  • Handling multidisciplinary teams
  • Coordinating effectively and securing outcomes
  • Dealing with uncertainty and risks
  • Communicating, advocating, marketing and negotiating effectively
  • Garnering resources to achieve optimal outcomes in tight scenarios

Benefits for Participants
  • World class faculty
  • Relevant case studies from the healthcare industry and from allied industries
  • Built-in project work as part of the curriculum
  • Peer learning from experienced fellow-participants
  • World-class learning environment
  • Exposure to research projects underway at the ISB

Benefits for Companies
  • Class room learning comes back as part of special projects
  • Great way to reward and retain high-performing employees
  • Creation of leadership pipeline
  • Good brand building among current and prospective employees