Who Can Attend?

Ideally, the programme is best suited for doctors or professionals with the following work experience.
Entrepreneurs and CXOs
  • A first or second-generation Entrepreneur, Doctor-Owner, or CXO of a hospital, clinic or medical diagnostics business, looking to bring in professional management to the running of operations and/or looking to expand operations
  • An HOD, senior Doctor or Consultant looking to acquire business acumen and participate in strategic business decisions of the healthcare organisations you are associated with
  • From Healthcare Delivery Organisations: Someone aspiring to become a facility head or head of a function in a hospital, clinic or medical diagnostics business. Typically, you are someone who has worked in a function like Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Operations, Administration, Customer Care, Quality, Finance or Human Resources, and is looking to attain a broader, business-oriented role in the near term
  • From Allied Sector Organisations: A mid-career professional from the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics, Clinical Research or Medical Insurance industry, who has worked with doctors and/or healthcare organisations, and would like to make a career shift to the Healthcare Services Delivery industry

Target Sectors within the Healthcare Industry

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital Chains
  • Clinic Chains
  • Medical Diagnostics Centres
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Trials
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurs