Executive Director’s Message

ISB is proud to have joined the EY-IEMS network with the establishment of  the Initiative for Emerging Markets Studies at the School in 2014. 

Founded as a research-oriented school in 2001, the ISB aims to contribute to thought leadership through research that is relevant for practitioners and policymakers in its part of the world, as well as rigorous enough to be published in the top journals of the world. The IEMS at ISB is a reflection of the emerging markets focus of its 45 odd faculty members’ research in areas such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Financing, Infrastructure, Governance, Sustainability, and Marketing.

The ISB-IEMS is also a reflection of ISB’s firm belief that the best research is produced through a deeper interaction between practitioners such as those from EY and academicians such as those from the IEMS network schools.
Apart from the high-quality research, the ISB IEMS will also:

  • Promote collaborations among researchers across the world on issues of importance to businesses and policymakers in emerging markets,
  • Disseminate relevant findings to a broader audience through reports, newsletters, and events,
  • And provide a platform for increasing awareness of and exchanging ideas on emerging markets issues among various stakeholder groups


Best regards,

Sanjay Kallapur
Executive Director, Initiative for Emerging Markets Studies, 
Director of Fellow Programme in Management,
Professor in Accounting,
Indian School Business