List of ISB faculty members who work on emerging market research themes.
Alok, Shashwat
Assistant Professor, Finance Know More
Awate, Snehal
Assistant Professor, Strategy Know More
Chauradia, Amit Jain
Assistant Professor, Strategy Know More
Chhatre, Ashwini
Associate Professor of Public Policy Academic Director - Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Executive Director - Digital Identity Research Initiative Know More
Deo, Sarang
Associate Professor, Operations Management, Executive Director, Max Institute of Healthcare Management Know More
Deuskar, Prachi
Assistant Professor, Finance Know More
Kallapur, Sanjay
Professor, Accounting, Deputy Dean - Planning & Governance FPM/ EFPM; Academic Director-IEMS Know More
Seshadri, DVR
Clinical Professor, Marketing Know More
Sripada, Chandrsekhar
Clinical Professor-OB, Strategic Human Capital & Organisational Behaviour Know More
Subramanian, Krishnamurthy
Professor, Finance, Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India Know More
Tantri, Prasanna
Assistant Professor, Finance, Interim Executive Director of the Center for Analytical Finance Know More