Key Research Areas

ISB-IEMS is currently involved in projects investigated by ISB faculty in the following areas of research.

Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion

In the area of entrepreneurship and financial inclusion, the ISB faculty mainly deal with issues of financial intermediation, exploring factors driving entrepreneurship, and the role of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) on the distribution of the labour market and economic outcomes. In an Indian context, this leads to an additional focus on rural areas, where majority of the population reside.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is one of the critical areas in emerging markets. Though global, laws related to IP (Intellectual Property) need to be implemented at a local level and this provides an interesting situation because of the pre-existing law structure and market structures in developing countries. The ISB Faculty examine effects of IPR on different aspects of innovation and the influence of stronger patents on the functioning of Markets for Technology (MFT).

Emerging industries and Innovation

At ISB, the faculty take a look at challenges faced by emerging economy multinationals (EMNCs), their market strategies related to the entry in other advanced and emerging markets as well as innovation networks. Their current projects explore innovation strategies of emerging economy multinationals (EMNCs) in newly emerging industries of wind and solar power.

Consumer Behaviour in emerging markets

Understanding consumer behaviour in emerging markets is a key to unlock the potential markets. At ISB, the faculty engage in research focusing on understanding consumer propensity for sensory consumption, and its impact on consumer decision making.