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There are three dimensions to IEMS
Research, translating it into learning and into impact are the three dimensions that IEMS will focus on, says Rajendra Srivastava Dean and Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, and Member IEMS Advisory Board. 
IEMS is a platform that brings executable academic research to business and governemnt
IEMS is a platform that brings relevant executable insights from academic research to businesses and government, says 
Jay Nibbe, Global Vice Chair – Tax at EY and Member, IEMS Advisory Board.
A partnership for rigorous and relevant thought leadership
The ISB-EY partnership brings from across the emerging markets thought leadership that is both rigorous and relevant, says Sanjay Kallapur,  Professor of Accounting, ISB and Executive Director of IEMS. 
corporate and government policy focus of IEMS laudable
IEMS' objective of guiding corporate and national policies based on research is laudable, says Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Associate Professor of Finance at ISB. It is a harbinger of other such initiatives across the globe for high quality and relevant research.