Archives 2016

Sl noName of the Research studyResearchersApproval date
1Student FIRPPooja/Prafull Chathurvedi, Sridhar Seshadri05.02.2016
2Student FIRPPrateek chopra, Srivathsa Sreenivas, S Arunachalam09.02.2016
3Student FIRPTanuka Ghoshal, sayantini, Prathiba09.02.2016
4Student FIRPTanuka Ghoshal, Satyaranjan, Arushi03.03.2016
5Celebrity Gossip studyTanuka Ghoshal, Jayant Nasa04.03.2016
6Impact of Technology on Class room learningArun Pereira, Jaya Dixit23.03.2016
7Brand perception studiesRishtee Batra, Malika27.03.2016
8The impact of Arousal on self worth restorationTanuka Ghoshal, Rishtee Batra30.03.2016
9Examining the impact of product visual attractiveness on its brand personality perceptios and overall evaluationsJayant Nasa, Rishtee Batra02.04.2016
10Investigating the impact of incidental color primes on sustainable consumptionRishtee Batra08.04.2016
11Research in the area of consumer engagementRajendra Srivatsava 
12Body shape studyTanuka Ghoshal, Rishtee Batra14.04.2016
13Fair Skin BiasTanuka Ghoshal16.04.2016
14Non tradional B2B channels to reach Bottom of pyramid cutomersPrakash , S Arunachalam24.06.2016
15Easy on the eyes, easier to forgive? : An examiniation of CEO Attractivenss on Brand ForgivenssRishtee Batra , Jayant Nsa26.04.2016
16Celebrity Gossip studyJayant Nasa, Tanuka Ghoshal30.06.2016
17Determinants of International Joint venture Formations and Dissolutions in emeriging marketsS Arunachalam -Co Inv06.07.2016
18Evaluating after high school programs for youth: A piolt of Freedom english academySisir Debnath, Tarun Jain, Issac Mbiti18.07.2016
19Understanding career choice in developing country:reading the mind of high school students in IndiaTarun Jain, Nishit Prakash,Abhiroop, Mukhopadhyay23.07.2016
20An empirical analysis of social, parental,and instructional influences on technology adaption and learningRajib Saha, Deepa Mani29.07.2016
21Job crafting and its consequencesStefan Theu10.08.2016
22Gossip studiesJayant Nasa, Tanuka Ghoshal27.08.2016
23Plan NegotiationsAmit Nankeolyar30.08.2016
24Inculcating healthy habits to decrease the burden of non communicable diseasesShilpa Aggarwal28.09.2016
25Brand personality dimensions in IndiaMallika, Tanuka Ghoshal, Durairaj Maheshwaran28.09.2016
26New product/brand creativity and customer engagementS Arunachalam13.10.2016
27The effect of technology use on relationship and network developmentJames Schmidke, Anurag Gupta18.11.2016
28Role of social networks and cultural intelligence in affecting the status of non normative behaviorsJames Oldroyd 
29Celebrity gossip (extension from 2011)Manish Gangwar22.11.2016
30Ideapreneur in innovationAmit Nandkeolyar19.11.2016
31Registered replication ReportJayant Nasa, Glory George, Rishtee batra 
32The antecedents of escalations of commitmentPiyush Kumar15.12.2016