Archives 2017

Sl noName of the Research studyResearchersApproval status/date
1SES, Ostracism and ProactivityPrashanth Hariharan, Dishan Kamdar, Marko Pietsa25.01.2017
2Personality,social networks and Work life balanceAmit N, Prasad Balkundi07.02.2017
3Ideapreneur Skill development programKanika Sofat 
4Study on Orientations and Prosocial behaviorMalika,Tanuka Ghoshal, Durairaj Maheswaran21.02.2017
5Embodied cognition (Extension from 2013)Tanuka Ghoshal, Rishtee Batra16.02.2017
6Impact of Technological Enablers on Effectiveness of Micro-Entrepreneurs in Bottom of the Pyramid MarketsPrakash Satyavageeswaran,S Arunachalam 
7The Role of Technology and other Enablers in Customer and Partner Engagement in Bottom of the Pyramid MarketsPrakash Satyavageeswaran,S Arunachalam 
8Rang Manch'-Understanding the Fair Skin Bias in India V netnographyKanika Sharma,Komal Agarwal, Tanuka Ghoshal19.03.2017
9How do managers think about Organization design?Kannan Srikanth23.03.2017
10Sales force Incentives and effect on Employee PerformanceManish gangwar, Sundar Bharadwaj04.04.2017
11Nudges in the Right Direction:An Examination of Psychological Factors that Enhance Consumption of Healthy FoodRishtee Batra,Glory George14.04.2017
12Impact of ICT on Teaching and learning efficacy: Evidence from Governmnet Schools in TelenganaDeepa Mani, Karthik Rapaka03.06.2017
13The "Extended" LDA approach : A method to enable new research directions using quantitative analyses of text dataAshish Galande, Sudhir Voleti 
14Judicial prejudice: Analysing responses to Female decision makingTarun Jain, Revathy Suryanarayana 
15Research on Consumer Journey, Engagement, B2B and vendor intelligence systemsD.V.R Seshadri09.05.2017
16Grain Today, Gain Tomorrow: Evidence from a Storage Experiment with Savings Clubs in KenyaShilpa Aggarwal08.05.2017
17The effect of counterfactual thinkingAnurag Gupta, Amit N(faculty sponsor)14.05.2017
18The impact of Indian food procurement and distribution policiesShilpa Aggarwal11.06.2017
19Daily Income, Labor supply and multiple accounts : A mobile money field experiment with micro entrepreneurs in MalawiShilpa Aggarwal, Jonathan Robinson,Valentina Brailovskaya,Pia Basurto,07.10.2017
20Personality,power and negotiationsAnurag Gupta, Amit N(faculty sponsor)18.06.2017
21Impact of Customer Experience on Customer Engagement and Firm PerformanceAshish Khandelwal,S Arunachalam, Sundar Bharadwaj17.11.2017
22Social- economic status and implicit theory of motivation and team work.Anurag Gupta, Amit N(faculty sponsor)18.06.2017
23Insiders' Other TradesPrachi Deuskar, Aditi Khatri,Jayanthi Sunder14.08.2017
24Startup Scalability indexAashir Sutar, Sundar Bharadwaj 
25Automating volunteer matching in the non-profit sector: Improving outcomes and scalability for Teach for IndiaMilind Sohoni, Sandeep Chitla, Arun Kumar Rout14.08.2017
26The Social influence on Perceptions of Academic Honor Code ViolationsJames Schmidkte14.08.2017
27Effects of Attendance Incentive on After-school languge learning programs for youthTarun Jain, Sisir Debnath, Issac Mbiti29.08.2017
28Does piggy banking on insider trades benefit brokersAditi Khatri, Prachi Deuskar14.08.2017
29Who Bullies? Who suffers? Investigating personal characterstics of the abusive supervisor and victimized employees(Extension frm 2013 and 2014)Amit N25.08.2017
30Career trajectories of women: 10 years after graduationSaumya Sindhwani, Reema Gupta04.10.2017
31Role of ICT technology in combating malnutrition(from 2015- modification of questionnaire)Sisir Debnath12.11.2015
32Third party punishment and genderTarun Jain13.09.2017
33Diffusuion of innovationSiddharth Singh, S Arunachalam20.11.2017
34The role of gossip in trust-justice relationship: A social network approachJames Oldroyd, Dishan Kamdar,Shad Morris, Jigyasu Shukla