About IRB


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) deals with the review of behavioural research which involves human participants. The IRB approves and monitors ALL studies involving human participants to ensure that the experiment or survey is designed to meet legal and ethical concerns and does not involve unnecessary risks for the participants.


ISB maintains Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research involving human participants. 
All proposed research involving both ‘human subjects’ must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before recruitment and data collection can start.

The primary concern of the IRB is to minimize any risk for subjects arising out of the study while allowing the researcher to collect the necessary information. Privacy and confidentiality of the participants are sought to be protected as far as possible within the research setting.

The IRB ensures that the participants are adequately informed of what their participation entails (e.g.: risks and benefits). This includes written and signed informed consent in most cases.

The basic elements of the consent process include:
  • Full disclosure of the nature of the research and the subject's participation,
  • Adequate comprehension on the part of the potential subjects, and the subject's voluntary choice to participate

For some studies, it might be difficult to determine whether they qualify as human subject research. Please email IRBassist@isb.edu for guidance.

CITI Certification:

The ISB Institutional Review Board and the FWA recommends that all researchers (for e.g., Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Research Assistants, Faculty Sponsors and other Research Staff) who are involved with human subjects research should undergo an online training program at: www.citiprogram.org and submit their CITI certification to the IRB office.
A tutorial on CITI training is in quick links.