The ISB Executive Eminence Programme is a 6-day on-campus programme followed by 3 sessions of individualized online mentoring. The programme will expose participants to the three major competencies (Teacher, Mentor and Researcher) which we believe are critical to achieving eminence. There is a project that is required as part of the certification the outcome of which will focus on achieving mastery in a specific track.

Nov-23Eminence ProgramKick-off session with Chandrashekhar Sripada 2 11:00am-
Jan 18, 19Leader as MentorKavil Ramachandran/S. Ramnarayan 6 + 6 TBD 
Feb 22, 23Leader as TeacherChandrashekhar Sripada/+ 6 + 6 AC2 
Mar 15, 16Leader as Applied ResearcherRajendra Srivastava/+ 6 + 6 AC2 
Mar 17- Jun 14Projects and PracticeParticipants   
Oct-TBDPresentations, Wrap-up and GraduationNetworking Dinner with RCI Heads and ISB Faculty 3 TBD4:30pm


6 month certification programme + membership into The ISB Circle of Eminence. The programme is exclusive and high-touch, and will be limited to 15 participant cohort for the pilot.