ISB Leadership Summit 2013


The ISB Leadership Summit (ILS) is the annual flagship event of ISB’s Graduate Student Association that provides students with the opportunity to interact with eminent business leaders. ILS aims to host some of the boldest, most innovative leadership thoughts from across countries and sectors. It brings together the best minds at the leading-edge of industry, policy and academics through focused and interactive debates.
The theme for 11th edition of the summit – ILS 2013 is ‘Breaking the Myth’. In today’s ever-changing world, it is of utmost importance for businesses to evolve and for individuals to question age-old perceptions. Global incidents in the recent past have forced us to rethink what was once believed to be true. The financial crisis begged a closer look at the seemingly robust banking system; the Arab Spring changed the equation of political regimes; a more instantly connected world threw up dizzying possibilities of marketing. The list is endless. As India charts its growth strategy for the future, we require our leaders to revisit and critically examine what has been handed down through the ages as “right and true”.



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