ISB Service Science Workshop 2014

Global delivery of products and services in modern firms is rapidly emerging as a strategic lever for competitiveness and profitability. Fueled by rapid technological advances and globalisation, the scope of global service delivery has evolved from peripheral activities with a focus on cost reduction to include a diverse set of critical or even core functions such as innovation, new product development, financial forecasting and supply chain management. Indeed, competition between individual firms has given way today to competition between their respective value networks.

This increase in the reach and impact of service delivery has resulted in broad changes in the underlying models of service delivery. Providers must leverage a variety of technological advances such as social networks, cloud computing,data analytics as well as newer business models such as crowdsourcing to increase levels of service innovation and improve the effectiveness of service delivery. Further, the relationship between clients and providers must transition from being a price based, arms-length arrangement to a long-term partnership as must the metrics used to assess value created by the arrangement. Finally, providers need to develop a competent workforce that is trained to leverage information and knowledge networks both within and outside the organisation to create value.

The two day workshop on service science, organised by the Srini Raju Center for IT & the Networked Economy (SRITNE), Indian School of Business will explore the above themes of service innovation, governance and human capital that leverage emerging technological and business trends. The workshop will invite leading academicians from around the world conducting cutting edge research in service science, faculty members, graduate students from ISB and affiliate universities, and researchers from Industry. The workshop will provide a forum for quality academic discussions and interactions with industry on topics pertaining to technology-enabled service innovation, newer forms of organisation of service delivery, human capital trends and value assessment of services. The workshop will include a keynote presentations by industry and academic leaders, round table discussions on key issues in service science and featured academic presentations.