Term 2 and Term 3 have been eventful for the Marketing club with multiple sessions spread across the terms.

  1. Term 2 started with an informative session on Media Entrepreneurship with Mr. Bharat Ranga, Founder, Bhu Entertainment Private Limited. He shared his learnings from his experiences as Chief Content & Creative Officer for ZEE. He also discussed the challenges in expanding any media platform in rural India and how understanding consumer behaviour is critical for success in the field. 

2. Post the inspiring journey with Mr. Ranga; the next session was a deep dive into the core statistical technique of Conjoint Analysis with Professor Sriram. 2 hours & 140+ inquisitive minds applying results from the analysis on various marketing decisions later – our cohort saw branding, competitive advantage, pricing, and advertising through a different light.

3. Next up, the Career Pathway sessions with SEAL were launched. The cohort discussed the verticals of brand management and digital marketing with our alums Divya Singh and Al Ameen Sherfuddeen. While Divya held a brand development rapid fire with the members, Ameen forayed into the evolving methods of digital marketing and the available platforms for sound marketing in India today.

4. The last session in Term 2 was a P2P conducted by our very own Jaden Yoon who was previously working as a Regional Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics. He discussed the market evolvement in the mobile phone market and how the product marketing had to be changed to adapt to new consumer requirements.

5. On the 18th of July, the Marketing Club hosted Mr. Kumar Venkatasubramaniam, Director of Sales for Indian subcontinent at P&G for a deep-dive session on FMCG sales. He discussed how P&G has evolved to cater to the different needs of the customer segments, the evolvement of unique advertising and branding campaigns and the creative liberty P&G provides its employees to explore ideas!