The ISB Master Teacher Programme

Programme Benefits

The ISB Master Teacher Programme is designed to help participants excel in teaching and teaching-related activities, based on international accreditation standards.


Specifically, participants can expect to be trained in the following:

(1) “Active Learning” in the Classroom

Training in various student-centred “active learning” methods, including a variety of classroom techniques for student engagement and interaction.  
(2) Assurance of Learning (AOL) for Accreditation
Training provided for AACSB’s AOL: (a) identifying learning goals, (b) choosing learning objectives for each learning goal, (c) designing rubrics to measure learning objectives.
(3) Effective Course Design and Delivery
Training provided in understanding learning styles of students, and how to balance the instruction format to maximize student learning.
(4) Case Writing and Publication
Training and guidance provided to complete a case and have it co-authored with experienced faculty and published through Harvard Publishing or Ivey Publishing.
(5) Interactive Technology for the Classroom
Training provided in innovative interactive technology for the classroom that enhances active learning and ensures continuous student engagement.


Target Audience

The programme is targeted at business school faculty, particularly faculty of business schools committed to international accreditation standards.