HACKATHON - 11th Metropolis World Congress, 2014

The Indian School of Business (ISB) in association with GHMC, Government of Telangana and 11th Metropolis World Congress invites entries towards concept solutions using Social Innovation with Digital Technology.

There are three stages, final being the Hackathon event to be conducted on 6th October, 2014 at HICC, Hyderabad.
1) Online submission stage
2) Pre-Hackathon event at ISB, Hyderabad Campus
3) Final Hackathon event

Stage 1: Online Submission
  • Participants shall submit their entries either individually or in a team of 3 (maximum)
  • Participants' age should be between 18 years and 35 years
  • Entries must be in MS-power point format and must present a technological solution in any of the Areas of Focus
  • Participants are encouraged to be innovative beyond the areas of focus but practicality is important
  • Deadline for Online Submission is 11:59 PM on/before Monday, 22nd September, 2014
  • Maximum of 4 slides allowed - anything beyond that can result in disqualification
  • The first slide should clearly identify the area and the issue being addressed
  • The second slide should outline the proposed technological solution
  • Slides 3 and 4 shall provide details on implementation/prototyping.
  • Additional Slides:
  • Title slide (Required) - shall specify the Team name (in case of teams), Members, Institution and contact details including email id & phone number
  • Appendix (Optional)  – Maximum 2 slides
Stage 2: Pre-Hackathon at ISB
  • Selected winners shall be invited to the 36-hour pre-Hackathon event on 27th & 28th September, 2014 at ISB, Hyderabad Campus for a live presentation and discussion in consultation with IT companies, Officials of Metropolis Congress and Government of Telangana
  • Focus is on implementing and prototyping the Idea
    A 5-page white paper on the proposed solution shall have to be submitted before Thursday, 25th September, 2014
    This shall build the agenda for the final Hackathon event at the 11th Metropolis World Congress, 2014 to be held at HICC, Hyderabad.
  • Teams shall bring at-least one laptop per team.
Stage 3: Final Hackathon Event at XIth Metropolis World Conference, HICC
  • Winners of the Pre-Hackathon event will present at the World Conference on 6th October 2014
  • Audience with International delegates for further discussion and deliberation over proposed solutions
Awards and Incentives
  • Best five ideas will be awarded
  • Incubation opportunity by Government of Telangana in association with ISB
Pre-Hackathon and Hackathon Rounds
The proceedings of the Pre-Hackathon round shall build the agenda for the final Hackathon event at the 11th Metropolis World Congress, 2014 to be held at HICC, Hyderabad on 6th October 2014. (http://hyderabad2014.metropolis.org)