Online Preparatory Courses

Participants will undergo five online analytical foundation courses. The courses are sourced from Harvard School Publishing and participants will have to spend approximately 120-150 hours to prepare before the classes commence.

Pre-Course Readings

Pre-course reading material will be uploaded to the “Learning Management System (LMS)”. Participants will have to read this and come prepared for the classroom sessions.

Speaker Series

Speaker series or visits may be organised during the course. These interactions complement classroom learning and bring in practical perspectives to management theories. The School also hosts a number of annual conferences and seminars with distinguished business leaders and entrepreneurs as guest speakers.


Simulations are usually software programmes which mimic real-life business situations. The participants, working in teams or alone, are asked to take decisions under conditions specified by the simulation software. These simulations help participants apply theoretical concepts to aid decision making.


Several modes of assessment will be used for the programme to assess the performance and learning by students. At the end of each course, an examination may be conducted to assess the learning of the participant. In order to successfully complete the programme, the participant must obtain an overall passing grade.