Aerospace and Defence Sector
  • MIGM hosted the seminar Innovation 2012 on Competitiveness in Indian Aerospace and Defence Sector on 08 Dec 2012 at New Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Airpower Studies. Refer to website
  • Seminar Swavalamban III on Indigenization through Innovation in Indian Defence Sector was conducted on 14-15 Dec at Secunderabad by College of Defence Management with support from MIGM.
  • An edited book, Perspectives on Defence Offsets, is published by Sage Publishing India.
Manufacturing Health
Work on formulation of a manufacturing index has been completed; various forecasting models have been developed and are being tested. A paper has been submitted to Economic and Political Weekly for peer review.
Renewable Energy
The Energy, Manufacturing and Operations Club at ISB under mentorship of MIGM conducted O2, a national level cleantech business plan competition in the space of renewable energy in Dec 2012.
  • An international student competition conducted by ISB students on business strategy presented competitors with two case studies. Both case studies were created by MIGM.
  • MIGM also sponsored the manufacturing strand of the ISB Ivey case competition and reviewed cases. We intend to continue this effort every year.
Agro Business/ Biotech in Punjab
A roundtable on BioTech will be held tentatively in June this year as Innovation 2013.
  • A workshop to enhance awareness of automation will be held in February in collaboration with TIFAC-CORE (Centre of Relevance & Excellence) in Industrial Automation & Robotics at Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College. The aim of the workshop is to sensitize ISB students and industry personnel on the relevance of industrial automation in future of manufacturing.
  • Our study, with Professor Chris Tang at UCLA, of Chinese contract manufacturers and their western OEMs over 2001-2011 highlighted the importance of design in the evolving landscape. The study, Strategic interactions between Chinese contract manufacturers and western OEMs, will appear in the peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Production Economics.
Small Business Growth
  • In the first year of this initiative, MIGM has worked with 40 ISB students consulting with five companies. Majority of the consulting is given at the implementation (operations) level where both the SMEs and student’s team see the impact of their work.
  • Workshop on Innovation Management- MIGM has come together with GIZ and Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises under the initiative of its ‘Big Leap Club’ to conduct workshops on ‘Managing Innovation in Small Business’, for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). A workshop was conducted from April 22 – 26, 2017 at Mohali campus. Prof Snehal Awate, Prof Raghu Ramachandran and Mr Porus Munshi  were the mentors