Students of Post Graduate Programme in Management have the option of obtaining a ‘Manufacturing Specialisation’ by opting for six credits in courses related to Manufacturing from the topics below. It is compulsory for students to opt for the course ‘Manufacturing Pro Seminar' (two credits) plus four other manufacturing related courses to obtain the specialization in Manufacturing.

The MIGM supports the ‘Specialisation’ in terms of providing assistance in course design, obtaining projects and connecting with the Industry.
The courses are listed below. Each course is of 1 Credit except Manufacturing Pro Seminar (MPRO) which is of 2 Credits.


S.NoCourse TitleCourse Code
1Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Mandatory Elective)LSCM
2Manufacturing Pro Seminar MPR1
3Service Operations ManagementSOMG
4Total Quality Management & Lean ProductionTQML
5Project ManagementPMGT
6Operations StrategyOSTR
7Pricing and Revenue OptimizationPRRO
8Strategic ProcurementSGPT
9Forecasting AnalyticsFCAS
10Strategic Performance Management SPMG
11Sustainable Manufacturing and OperationsSMOP