ReportsProfessor Man Mohan S. Sodhi, Principal Investigator Cass Business School, City, University of London: Sukhmeet Singh, Project Manager Indian School of Business & Chetna Agnihotri, Analyst Indian School of Business. "Cold Chain Development for Fruits & Vegetables in India", 2017Download PDF
ReportsSodhi, ManMohan S., Singh, Sukhmeet.,Walia, Arvinder.,Sharma, Jasmine., Dalla, Preetinder S. "Analyzing the Potential of Increase in Acreage for Kinnow, Maize, Wood, Turmeric and Moong as per the Draft Agriculture Policy for Punjab-2013", 2014Read Abstract >Close >Download PDFIn view of agriculture sector crisis in Punjab, the importance of research in the realm of ecologically sound farming practices is foremost. While ecological sustainability is important, the economic viability for the farmer needs to be taken into account. In this context, Punjab Mandi Board commissioned Indian School of Business to undertake a research study analyzing the potential of increase in the production of selected five commodities as mentioned in the Agriculture Policy for Punjab-2013 (Draft) in terms of their existing markets and the potential to expand in the wake of proposed area expansion under alternate crops.  Given the nature and magnitude of crisis in the farm sector in the state, this research is a pioneering attempt to critically analyze the diversification strategy recommended as per the Draft Policy. 

ReportsSingh, Sukhmeet.,Dalla, Preetinder S.,Walia, Arvinder.,Sharma, Jasmine.,Jain, Tarika.,Joshi, Prateek.,Siddiqui, Mohammad Shahid.,Bedi, Hemant. "Inefficiencies in agriculture supply chain in Punjab and opportunities for IT interventions", 2012Read Abstract >Close >Download PDFAgriculture is a critical sector of the Indian economy. An average Indian still spends significant amount of his/her total expenditure on food, while close 60% of India’s work force is still engaged in agriculture for its livelihood. Though India is one of biggest producer of various commodities, it is still home to children who are malnourished. Through this report, we have studied the inefficiencies in agriculture supply chain of key commodities in the state of Punjab and we have given our recommendations for improvements through IT interventions.

ReportsSingh, Sukhmeet.,Singh, Preetinder. "Starting a Business in Punjab: Study of Single Window Service", 2012Read Abstract >Close >Download PDFNew industry set up is the key for any economy. Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business face lot of roadblocks and one of which is the process of starting the business. The aim of this report is to highlight the process and difficulties in starting a business in Punjab especially highlighting the effectiveness of Single Window Service. The report also gives the recommendations to improve the Single Window Service and make the environment more conducive for an entrepreneur in Punjab to start a new business.