Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission and Values provide overarching guidance in the development and growth of the Institute.  We expect these to be living documents which are reviewed and modified over time.

The Institute will be a Transformative Force on the Indian Healthcare Scene.
This will be accomplished by carrying out the following activities.
  • Provide thought leadership.  Position the Institute to be a prominent and credible voice in India addressing the role of the private sector and business in meeting the health care needs of all Indians.  Support the development of a vibrant, efficient, high quality sector with world class products and results.
  • Engage other prominent leaders.  Enlist the active involvement and substantial support of other highly recognized leaders in the field who would be drawn in by this vision and help to mold it. Tap their deep commitment to the future of India, and potentially use their support to jump-start the recruitment of talent.
  • Recruit people for the Institute who can make this a reality.  Include a mix of senior faculty, current researchers in the field, visiting faculty, and practitioners.  The mix would be a pragmatic matter driven by the goals of the Institute. People would be drawn in by the vision of transforming the healthcare sector.
  • Act as a major convener.  Initiate conferences, planning sessions, and executive roundtables, collaborating, with other industry entities and as well as government and international players.  Influence public policy and the direction of the industry. Contribute to the national reputation and prominence of ISB. 
  • Be a central resource in the field.  Create a pivotal resource for the industry, providing Institute generated research results and journals and white papers, as well as other resources that define the critical issues of the time. 
  • Provide executive education to make it real.  Provide specifically tailored programs focused on innovative and transformative initiatives, and the skills and structures needed to create success, as the industry is and as it will be.
  • Use the Institute as a magnet for students. Draw the brightest and most creative students in with the lure and excitement of the work. Draw them to ISB to engage in the healthcare program, create a strong community during their time at ISB, and then stay closely engaged through the rest of their careers.  Support the success of all ISB students who end up working in the industry whatever their coursework while in the School. 
  • Reach beyond India to be a global voice and participant.  Draw on international resources to benefit India, while disseminating what is developed here to benefit others. Create a prominence that is global and supports the status of ISB as an international leader.
To strongly and positively contribute to creating value across the entire health sector, within India and beyond, through the three integrated elements of research, education, and impact.
  • To engender team-based work that shows respect for all contributing individuals.
  • To work openly and collaboratively with like-minded organizations within India and internationally, convening forums and distributing ideas and results.
  • To hold to high standards of integrity and quality in all of our work.
  • To recognize the importance of values, but also of rigorous analytical work.
  • To respect all stakeholders, but act independently
  • To value evidence over opinions, and the larger good of society over the interests of any single group or organization.