PGP Health Sector Courses

We provide a robust offering of health sector courses.  This allows students to choose a specialisation in health sector by taking at least six courses.  Other students also take health sector courses as they choose to support their own career objectives.
The courses listed were provided for the year 2013-2014.
Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Stephen M Sammut, The Wharton School
The course focuses on the creation, funding and management of biotechnology and health services enterprises.
The Indian Health Services System
Jessica Pickett, The Wharton School
Stephen M Sammut, The Wharton School
This course will analyze several innovative and emerging sectors of the health care industry in India
Economics and Management of the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Jalpa A Doshi, Parelman School of Medicine
Patricia M Danzon, The Wharton School
This course provides an overview of the management, economic and policy issues facing the global biopharmaceutical industry
Financing and Paying for Healthcare
Jonathan Kolstad, The Wharton School
Patricia M Danzon, The Wharton School
This course examines the structure of health care systems in different countries, focusing on financing of care, paying for medical services, creating incentives for efficient delivery of care and assessment and adoption of new technologies 
Managing Health Services Organizations
Managing Health Services Organizations: Quality and Performance Measures in Healthcare Organisations
Pierantonio Russo, Medical Director Independence Blue Cross (Philadelphia)
Cyrus Y Engineer , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
The content of this course is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to typical health care organizations, the complexity of hospital operations and the role of quality management in providing effective and efficient health care
The Economics of Healthcare Services Delivery
Jonathan Kolstad, The Wharton School
Matthew R Grennan, The Wharton School
This course is intended to introduce students to the key economic concepts in health, health care delivery and health insurance.
Strategic Health Care Marketing
Thani Jambulingam, Haub School of Business
Building on the principles of marketing course, this course extends knowledge and skills in marketing of healthcare products and services comparing the environments in India and United States.
Health Information Technology
Adam Powell, Payer +Provider Syndicate
This course explores the healthcare information technology planning and management issues faced by decision makers in healthcare organizations
Designing and Managing Effective Health Care Delivery Systems
Sarang Deo, Indian School of Business