The Institute has three related areas of commitment: education, research and impact. Impact entails a focus on the complex nature of the world as it is.  In the case of the health sector the picture of that world, though it has some points of value, is in many respects quite problematic. 

The Institute is dedicated to having positive impact, and believes that it is in a unique position to do so, holding a specialized focus on health, but within a top business school.  We feel that our special contribution is to address both the private and public sectors, and in particular to address how the two relate, and can even work together to create greater value, for themselves, each other, and the people of India.

To have impact we must focus, and therefore we have identified three priority areas to receive attention. Each is highly challenging and has great import, each is obviously an area where the sector is operating sub-optimally, each can be improved, and perhaps most significantly for us, each is an area in which considerations of private and public and their relationship are of critical importance.

We have already begun to develop these areas, in identifying people resources, in creating partnerships, and beginning specific projects. Many of these efforts are in too early a stage of development to post on our site yet. At this point we are going to only identify the initiatives, but we will be adding much more as we proceed.