Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing (Munjal Institute)

A robust manufacturing base is a pre-requisite for India to have a vigorous economy. Accordingly, the Indian government has put forth the National Manufacturing Policy to enable strong growth of the manufacturing sector. Similar efforts have been made recently in developed economies like the UK and the US as both developing and developed countries see manufacturing growth as key to job creation and economic improvement. In light of these domestic and global efforts, MIGM is a pioneering effort, going beyond the remit of other research centres, by ISB and the founding supporters of the Mohali campus to ‘raise the level of manufacturing in India and beyond through operational excellence and innovation’. 
Our vision is therefore, as part of ISB, to be the premier academic institution for operational excellence and innovation in the manufacturing ecosystem in India and beyond. 
To realise this vision, our mission is to engender synergistic engagement between industry, academia and the government in India and beyond through 
  • Thought leadership 
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing with industry 
  • Informing government policy 
  • Grooming future leaders
ISB has an affiliation with MIT Sloan School of Management for MIGM to learn from MIT's Leaders in Global Operations programme to prepare manufacturing leaders for the future. 
The MIGM team is headed by Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, Executive Director, MIGM & Punj Llyod Institute of Infrastructure Management at ISB and Practice Professor in Operations Management & Information System and Colonel (Retd) Rajiv Bhargava, alumni of ISB, is Associate Director at MIGM.