Club Events
The music club hosts several events where our musicians get prime focus and bring magic to the evening’s event. ISB Unplugged and Open Mic Nights have been excellent places for our musicians to shine!

Key ISB Events
In addition to club events, we also perform at ISB hosted events like Aikya, ILS, Advaita & Solstice. These performance opportunities provide further avenues for our musicians to showcase their stage performance skills.

The Jukebox Project

The most exclusive and sought-after clique of artists at ISB, The Jukebox Project is the flagship band of the school. Each year, Alumni hold auditions and handpick the cream musical talent of the class to be a part of the band.
The star attraction at marquee events of the school, Jukebox brings together a bunch of talented and dedicated artists on campus who create music that leaves an everlasting impression in the hearts of their peers. A unique blend of art, talent & passion, Jukebox is a family that touches all the right chords.