Unplugged Night
Where: REC Lawns before first GSB Party
What was it about: To give the cohort something to unwind to after first midterm exams. In the midst of a beautiful setup, members of the music club got together to deliver an unplugged set covering both western and eastern music!

Sufi Night – Eid Celebrations
Where: At Atrium on the occasion of Eid
What was it about: On the occasion of Eid, members from music club (along with generous support from the Support Group - Stand up comedy club) prepared a Sufi set list for the cohort. The cohort was treated to an onslaught of amazing biryani coupled with captivating tunes from the Sufi genre.

Pride Social Mixer
Where: REC Centre at the Pride Social Mixer
What was it about: Keeping the noble message in mind, the club performed some iconic western songs sensitive to the theme. The club John Lennon’s Imagine and Queen’s I want to break free among others.

Random Jams!
Where: Music Room
What was it about: The club has been actively involved in random jams, events, music room maintenance among other things. The music room’s door is always open and whenever the club jams together, people just can’t just walk past without checking it out!

Strummin’ & Hummin’ – Guitar P2P
Where: Music Room
What was it about: Music club organized its first P2P on guitar. People who had just picked up the guitar or wanted to pick one up got a chance to learn basic exercises and techniques to help them on their way to become an amazing guitarist! The session ended up with everyone learning and playing ‘Smoke on the water’ riff!