Team Hyderabad
Ayush Malpani
President Ayush comes in with a 4.5-year experience in Aerospace Insurance, and Actuarial services.
He picked up the bass guitar almost a decade back and hasn’t looked back since. Heavily influenced by progressive giants such as Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, he can be seen experimenting with different styles and sounds.
Over the years, Ayush has performed at multiple venues and festivals in Mumbai across the genres of rock, metal, and prog, and fusion.
When not talking about music, he usually directs his enthusiasm towards aircraft and football, his two other passions.
Ratandeep Singh
Vice President Ratandeep has worked in the manufacturing industry for 4.5 years.
Having been playing for more than 12 years, he is the go-to-guru for all things guitar on the campus. With a very successful band from his undergraduate institution, Ratandeep proved his mettle in many different festivals and ticketed gigs.
His music is primarily influenced by metal and rock. Over the years, he has mastered eastern compositions as well, with multiple performances in classical fusion and allied genres.

The Jukebox project Band Members

Anti-clockwise (starting from the vertical keyboard)
Rohan Philip, Keyboard
Vibhas Patil, Guitar
Ratandeep Singh, Guitar
Divy Mittal, Vocals
Akshay Santhanam, Violin
Ayush Malpani, Bass
Amuda Sriram, Vocals
Arpit Shekhar, Drums and Percussions
Nayana Niranjan, Vocals
Bhavana Rajagopalan, Vocals
Raoul D’Costa, Guitar
Ashish Sankhala, Vocals
Umang Saini, Band Manager
Team Mohali
Matthew Dilip

Matthew is a techie with 2 years of work experience at Verizon Data Services India. He is a qualified pianist and music tutor, training students for the Trinity College of London music examinations. He has completed the ATCL Diploma in Western Classical Piano and Grade 8 in Western Voice and Theory of Music. He is a piano accompanist, accompanying students for Western Classical Singing and Violin Grade and Diploma exams.

He has performed at shows both in India and abroad at venues such as the NCPA, Mumbai, Nelum Pokuna, Colombo and the Museum Theatre, Chennai. He is a part of the Madras Musical Association, the Chromatics and the leader of an acapella group called Consonance.
Apart from playing the piano, he also loves conducting choirs, arranging and harmonizing music whenever he finds the time to do so.

Vignesh Piramanayagam
Vice President Vignesh brings 2 years of work experience as a tech consultant at Deloitte, enabling clients in the e-commerce space to grow through digital transformation.

A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he brings a wide range of talents to the club. While initially trained in classical piano and violin, Vignesh is now a self-taught producer/ composer and sound engineer and is found behind the mixing board when he isn’t on stage.
He takes his musical inspiration primarily from AR Rahman, Tame Impala and Oasis.

Vignesh also runs a YouTube channel, clocking over 175K views to date. Check it out at:

Adithya Chandrasekhar
Events Coordinator Adi started his journey with music at the age of 4 when he started playing the mridangam. Although his battle sword is the drum kit, Adi has learnt a variety of instruments including the drums, Carnatic flute, guitar, and morsing. His band Beyond Borders recently released their debut album, Rubatosis on streaming platforms worldwide. This moonlighting musician used to work as a software developer with Citicorp during the day. In his free time, he likes to do his MBA and aim for a career in product management.

Divya Pal
Marketing and Communications Coordinator When Divya isn’t taking notes in class, she can be found hitting the high notes with ease on campus.

She is an Economics and Statistics graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She brings with her 5 years of experience as a Credit Risk Analyst at HDFC Bank. She learned to play the piano at age 7 and eventually started singing as a part of a number of choirs in her teens.
While her vocal inspirations are Alicia Keys, Lana Del Ray and Adele, her natural habitat lies in the hard rock sounds of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and Audioslave, covering a wide array of genres.

She has rediscovered her love for the stage through the Music Club at ISB. As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator of the club, her aim is to ensure the Music Club strikes a chord and resonates with every student on campus.  

Sector 81 Band Members

(Left to Right row-wise)

Divya Pal – Vocals
Ritika Bahl – Vocals
Prachi Verma – Vocals
Vignesh Piramanayagam – Vocals/Keys
Kartik Pradeep – Guitar
Raj Praveen – Vocals/Guitar
Abhishek Bhattacharya –Guitar
Abhinandan Habisyashi – Bass Guitar
Matthew Dilip - Keys
Tarun Agrawal – Violin
Yashika Fulwani – Percussion
Adithya Chandrasekar – Percussion