ISB Responsible (ISBR) stands for “I Shall Be Responsible”. It is an initiative in which the entire ISB Community, comprising students, faculty, spouses and staff, are working together to identify and implement several ideas for cost-effectiveness, service improvement and optimisation of resources across various areas of operations of the School. It is one of five areas identified by the Dean’s office to focus on this year.
Under ‘ISB Sustainable’, the Net Impact Club has taken the lead on developing and implementing the Waste Management Programme. This initiative essentially looks at segregation of waste at source which then helps in the most appropriate disposal method. For example, all paper waste is placed in separate bins and then sent for recycling. We have been working extensively with students, faculty, the Dean’s office and the operations department to deploy this project across campus. The first phase was recently rolled out and we have targeted completion by December this year. We are also working closely with personnel from our Mohali campus to share best practices and key learnings to ensure this initiative is instituted there as well.