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The Blue Bell Villa


About the Book:

Ayodhya, a software professional in his late twenties, has a doting grandfather who has raised him after his parents have been killed by his own relatives for the sake of The Blue Bell Villa, a villa that is known to have treasures buried under it. Nobody other than Ayodhya’s grandpa knows about its location. The grandpa is stubborn. Despite several physical assaults and threats, he has successfully hidden the Villa’s location and Ayodhya’s identity from the relatives. Elsewhere, the island of Dweepa has surfaced in the Arabian Sea due to unprecedented earthquakes. The most beautiful island on earth, Dweepa, is immediately occupied by India. But Dweepa has been a victim of disappearances of high-profile individuals and common men alike. ACP Sagar, India’s top cop, and head constable Jackpot are being troubled by a mysterious man who is known to be the mastermind behind the vanishings. The man is known to have not only brute strength but also extreme intelligence and strategy.


About the Author:

HSD PGP Co 2018 was born and brought up in the garden city of Bengaluru. He started writing at the age of seven but never thought of publishing the work until he wrote his first full-length novel. He is a cricket enthusiast and an ardent follower of former Indian Captain Rahul Dravid. 

The Blue Bell Villa is his first attempt at writing fiction.

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