Alumni Engagement and Impact on the Rise : 2016 - 17

Alumni Engagement and Impact on the


Overview of 2016-2017


With the Indian School of Business celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, the past year has been one of reflection on our journey thus far and of renewed commitment to what makes the School exceptional. Accordingly, the year’s ISB@15 schedule of events focused on the theme of celebrating alumni.

The Office of Alumni Relations , under the leadership of Professor Dishan Kamdar, Deputy Dean of Academic Programmes, has spent the year investing in initiatives and activities to increase our engagement with alumni. Through ISB Connections, Professor Kamdar visited major Indian metros with high concentrations of ISB alumni and engaged with 12% of the domestic alumni base (over 1,000 alumni), apprising them of strategic developments at the School and enlisting their support for various initiatives. The department’s CxO-Level Engagement programme held 17 events across both ISB campuses, connecting C-suite alumni with students and the  School’s leadership. The programme has been a starting point for faculty-industry collaboration, facilitating recruitment opportunities and the appointment of brand ambassadors to support admissions efforts.

The thriving alumni Special Interest Groups (SIGs) hosted 25 events globally across a spectrum of issues and specialised topics in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology, healthcare, family business and social sector enterprise. Over 1,200 alumni in India, the UAE and the US participated in a variety of events in which faculty, alumni and other high-profile experts engaged in industry-specific analysis and discussion. A number of ISB Board members took part in SIG webinars, roundtables  and conclaves.

As a testament to the robustness of our alumni community, over 1,500 alumni attended the annual Solstice and Equinox gatherings at the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. The first-ever cashless Solstice saw alumni participating in over 30 events, including a novel Literature Festival showcasing alumni authors, and Marketplace, a platform for alumni entrepreneurs.


One of the overarching goals of the School is to become one of the most competitive and research-productive management institutions in Asia and the world. ISB has made great strides toward this goal; it is the top Indian B-School in the Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking 2017, coming in at number 27 globally, among other benchmarks. Dean Rajendra Srivastava sees alumni as key custodians of the School’s effort to excel in research and invites greater alumni participation in this capacity. The past year has been one of unprecedented alumni involvement in School programming, peer-to-peer alumni learning and exchange, and the career development of current students. Further, ISB has also been increasingly positioning alumni at the helm of its efforts to enhance School-industry connectivity and collaboration. ISB’s Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP)  launched its first Executive-in-Residence programme, which hosts senior executives at ISB for periods ranging from a few weeks to more than a year.  The executives contribute by working with the research centres and institutes, collaborating with faculty on research projects, co-teaching classes, and initiating new executive training programmes. Padmanabhan Balasubramanian (former MD of Goldman Sachs India) is the first alumnus to be a part of this initiative at the Hyderabad campus.


On the theme of alumni impact, an Entrepreneurship Survey conducted recently by the School reveals that ISB graduates who have taken the entrepreneurial route have created over 30,000 jobs during the School’s lifetime.  ISB Portraits, an online version of which is now available, is one expression of the remarkable scope of alumni achievement since the School’s founding. We also saw the promising beginning of the legacy of the FPM programme — the first two graduates secured prestigious faculty positions at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the IESEG School of Management in Paris.

Several events are organised in collaboration with Alumni Association to achieve increased levels of alumni engagement through Alumni Chapters, and we would like to thank them for their support.

In the past year, the Office of  Alumni Relations  has made significant progress towards an up-to-date alumni database through the persistent efforts of our team members to reach out to alumni. They also launched the revamped Alumni Portal and interface for Alma Matters, which hosts over 3,500 visitors per quarter. Alumni are  encouraged to avail of these platforms to stay connected with us and with each other. The Office of Alumni Relations always looks forward to continued involvement with the School across various platforms. Please write to for any assistance.