Graduation Day – A Day to Be Remembered!


Graduation Day – A Day to Be




The toss of the mortarboard, the sway of the tassel, the cries of joy, and the swell of pride in the hearts―it’s an indescribable feeling during those defining moments of the graduation day. In an orchestrated process this year too the PGPMAX Class of 2016, PGP MFAB Class of 2016 and PGP Class of 2017 turned out smartly in their graduation gowns, marching behind the Dean’s entourage to the thunderous applause of the assemblage, on March 7 at Hyderabad and on March 9 at Mohali. Those are the unforgettable moments that get etched in the heart so deeply.

Gracing the occasion with their august presence were Mr Rahul Bajaj, Head, Bajaj Group and Member, Executive Board, ISB, Chief Guest at Hyderabad, and Smt Nirmala Sitharaman Hon'ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry, Government of India, Chief Guest at Mohali.  Mr Adi Godrej, Chairman of the ISB Board, Professor Rajendra Srivastava, Dean ISB, members of the ISB Executive Board, dignitaries from the industry and academia, students and their families, faculty, alumni and staff of the ISB participated in the grand ceremony across the two campuses.



Every graduation is a culmination of a grueling and exacting academic tenure into an all-important degree and sound advice was forthcoming from each of the dignitaries on how to chart out the course form hereon.  

With this graduating batch the alumni strength has surged to a good 8500 plus.


“We started with 126 students 15 years ago and between PGP, PGPMAX, MFAB and PGPPro we now are over 1000 students a year and of the largest programmes in the world.” Dean Srivastava said while reading out a whole range of achievements of ISB and of the Class of 2017, from his report.

It is estimated that every ISB alumnus has created about 30 jobs and 18% of alumni are in 41 countries. He appealed to the alumni to help bring good students, and get involved in Research Centres and Executive Education and take ownership in the School. 


Adi Godrej, Chairman, Executive Board, ISB urged each graduating student to continue to stay connected with the School – actively engage in the school’s lifelong learning initiatives, involve themselves in the admissions process, recruit top talent for their organisations, and support their alma mater at all times.






“No one in the world is entitled to anything except human dignity and equality of opportunity. The rest we have to earn for ourselves,” said Rahul Bajaj emphatically. He spoke at length on the political and economic state of the country and the ills that require to be rooted out to put development on the fast track.

“Leaders are not those who occupy corner offices. They are those who deliver.” He said to the graduating class, on their responsibility as a leader. 



Smt Nirmala Sitharaman was unambiguous in her expectations that the graduates of ISB should build business houses operating from India and create jobs for people.

“ISB has shown us the way in making curriculum contemporary and relevant. I expect the graduates from ISB to be fountainheads of ideas that are going to be commercially relevant.” She added.

This article has been written by Vineet Bhatt, Content Lead at Indian School of Business.