Shelf Indulgence with Abhishek Hemrajani

Black, White and the Grays in Between  

About the Book:

Black, White and the Grays in Between is an emotional saga of hope, betrayed dreams, and the endless shades of gray. Set across three generations and three cities - Houston, Hyderabad, and the Bombay of the ‘70s - this is a story about love that is often selfless and self-doubting, and the unexpected virtue of listening to your heart. You can buy the book here.

About the Author: 

Abhishek A. Hemrajani holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business, and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Texas, Arlington. He spends most of his time thinking about this universe and the endless, small but enormously coherent actions that influence our destiny. When he is not critiquing the many vagaries of life, he can be found experimenting in the kitchen or obsessing over anything related to technology and aviation.

Abhishek was raised in Mumbai, India and spent most of his twenties in Dallas, Texas. The idea of this book has traveled and lived with Abhishek for many years. Abhishek attributes his writing style to the strong influence that Khaled Hosseini, Paulo Coelho, and Gabriel García Márquez have had on him. Abhishek lives in Hyderabad, India, and is currently a Product Manager for Microsoft. This is his debut novel. 

Why he chose to write ?

Abhishek always wanted to write a book about relationships. Even when not bound by blood, the affection between individuals bound by emotions is sincere and has the power to influence destinies. He says - "I wanted to explore many such relationships with the help of my characters."
He says that the book is for every father and for every daughter, who knows and understands what the love of a parent really is - endless like the sky and vast as the ocean. The book is for every young couple that dreams of a family and at times struggles to make it a reality. His book is for anyone who has ever considered adoption or even wondered if they could love a child that they did not conceive. His book is for every young individual, who has dreams that refuse to be bound by their reality. Finally, he adds, "My book is for people like me, who have lived away from home and have been influenced by the cities that they have lived in, the architecture that they have admired, and the food that has brought them comfort."