Solstice 2018

Back to School #OneMoreTime: Solstice 2018

Solstice 2018 was a celebration of our strong alumni network, with a series of power-packed talks by day and nights of entertainment featuring star-studded performances.




This year’s Solstice aimed to create a feeling of coming ‘back home’  for our alumni with events that would both stimulate their intellect and their desire to bond and have fun in their old stomping grounds. Launching the celebration was the Dean’s address on ‘Innovation and Market Valuation in Growth Economies’, a topic that is extremely relevant given the rapid disruptions seen across a number of industries in economies such as India and China. That evening, a lighter, more carnival-like mood permeated the campus, with performances by the Theatre Club, Dance Club and Stand Up SIG setting the stage for the night’s showstoppers. Vineet Rajan, PGP Co ‘17 captivated the crowd with his soulful renditions on the electronic violin, followed by the star of the night – Ashish Shakya. The comedian had the crowd in splits with his tongue-in-cheek remarks about everything under the sun, from politics and academics, to singlehood and Indian parents and their crazy histrionics.

The next day had a more academic flavour with speaker sessions by some of the most prominent names from the realms of politics, academia and media. The events commenced with a talk by a professor beloved to many classes - Prof. Sarang Deo, who presented his research on ‘Emerging Business Models in Healthcare and the Role of Technology’. The day continued on a high note, with an engaging session with the newly appointed Chief Economic Advisor to the Indian Government, Prof. Krishnamurthy Subramanian. Amid enlightening sessions by ISB faculty, alumni also witnessed an interview of the firebrand economist-turned-politician, Dr. Subramanian Swamy by Bhupendra Chaubey of CNN-IBN. The Member of Parliament shared his views on issues of governance and what can be done to improve the situation, layering the conversation with witty repartee, a style that has become his signature. The speaker sessions scheduled for the day came to an end with Vicky Roy narrating an inspiring tale of grit and dedication about his journey from a ragpicker at the New Delhi railway station to an acclaimed photographer who has been featured in the ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ list.


The evening kicked off with a variety of fun activities hosted by the Sports Club, Arts and Creativity Club and Literature and Poetry SIG, which set the tone for the magical performances that were to follow. KK enthralled the audience with dulcet tones that had ruled our hearts for years. As one song melted into another, alums and students let their hair down and swayed to the music together as one huge family. But the night was not over yet. The Jukebox Project from PGP Co ’18 and PGP Co ’19 continued the musical journey, belting out chartbusters and keeping the party in full swing.

The three-day extravaganza finally came to an end with a visit by the showman himself – Anurag Kashyap. The writer-actor-director spoke about some of the big changes in the Indian film industry over the past few years. Candid to the core, Kashyap won as many hearts through his words as he did with his films. In an interaction filled with memorable moments, perhaps the most memorable was when a few students got the opportunity to be directed by the master himself!

And on that starry note, the three-day homecoming that alums and students alike had looked forward to for weeks came to an end. The memories, however, will stay fresh until the next Solstice, when a new set of feet will join them as they walk through those gates again to rekindle an unshakeable bond.