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Travel Tales - An Assorted 4 Days Guide to Buenos Aires



South America is indeed the farthest I can think of from what I call home, Singapore. When I started reading more and more about South America before my trip, I couldn’t wait to be there and experience what they call as “Latino Passion.” It’s strange but the passion really gets to you and for a person like me who is too passionate, it is like a drug over-doze.


Since our ultimate destination was Antarctica, we could only spend a few days in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, two extremely different cities of Argentina. Argentina is a nation of immigrants. Spending few days in Buenos Aires and interacting with many locals, it came to me at no surprise that the unique amalgamation of cultures, art, background and genes from different parts of Europe and Americas made every individual so unique and charming. I could feel so much life, energy and adrenaline in this beautiful cultural capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. If, there was ever a day, when I were to decide quitting my job and retire early, Buenos Aires would make it to the list, for all the right reasons.


We had an action-packed itinerary in Buenos Aires and it had to be; because there was so much to learn, see and experience. Read more for a quick snapshot here
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